Introduzione ad AngularJS, il Framework JavaScript powered by Google

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AngularJS è un framework JavaScript per lo sviluppo di applicazioni web dinamiche. Permette di estendere la sintassi HTML per esprimere in modo chiaro e conciso i componenti dell'applicazione grazie ad un approccio dichiarativo.

Tutto avviene in JavaScript all'interno del browser, caratteristica che rende AngularJS uno strumento ideale per lo sviluppo di interfacce web, indipendentemente dalla tecnologia del server.

Vediamo come configurare ed utilizzare AngularJS per creare una semplice interfaccia web.

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Mobile App Indexing on Search

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Here's some great news from Google’s search team: In-app content is now becoming visible in Google search. Starting today, users on Android devices can jump straight from Google search results to pages inside an app.

Making your App Content more Accessible from Google
There are many reasons to build or not to build a mobile app as part of your broader mobile strategy. For instance, while apps offer a rich user experience, users can’t access them through Google Search like they do websites. Today, we’re announcing a new Google Search capability, app indexing, that will start to make apps more accessible through Google on Android.
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